Let yoga be your medicine

Our studio is in the heart of Carefree, Arizona surrounded by the serenity of natural desert and majestic mountains. It was constructed using sustainable and non-toxic materials. The cleanest filtered water is available for no charge, and mats and meditation pillows are always free to use on a first come basis. Our instructors are all certified through Yoga Alliance and have years of teaching experience. They are able to provide modifications and adjustments to our students, making our classes suitable for all levels. We are thrilled to offer donation based yoga classes to our community, where we aim to make yoga accessible for everyone. Please come join us!

Drs. Alexis and Jason McNeil started their yoga practice together in 2012 as a way of dealing with the day to day stressors of running a business and being physicians. Yoga transformed their hearts, lives, and medical practice beyond belief. Their vision is to offer this important piece of health to their patients and the Carefree / Cave Creek community. Our noon yoga class reminds us to SLOW DOWN, BREATHE, and continue our work day with LOVE and GRATITUDE.




Infrared Heated Yoga Center


There is a DIFFERENCE between a hot yoga studio and an Infrared Heated Studio. Traditional heaters heat the body from the outside, great for sweating and fat burning…

BUT… Infrared heats the body from the INSIDE so sweating and fat burning are only part of the benefits! Infrared causes dilation of the small blood vessels deep inside the organs, increasing circulation in the deep tissues which don’t easily get fresh blood. When deep organ tissues are flushed with new oxygenated blood, deeper healing takes place. Toxic substances like heavy metals, environmental toxins and chemicals are stored in these deep tissues. The infrared heat combined with the twisting and stretching of the yoga poses allow the toxins to be released, they travel into the blood stream and are carried out of the body through the skin with the sweat or released into the gut to move out through the bowels.   The infrared heat also stimulates the immune system. The penetrating heat creates an “artificial fever” and the body’s natural response is to increase white blood cells. White blood cells then work to kill viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes. So grab a towel and a mat and join us for the deepest healing and regenerating experience only available under infrared heaters.


Class Styles


Vinyasa Yoga

Also known as flow yoga, is a creative moving meditation set to music by smoothly connecting poses on inhales and exhales. Flows are easily adjusted from basic to advanced making vinyasa yoga perfect for all levels. 

Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga

Like vinyasa, ashtanga aims to synchronize breath with movement but follows a more specific sequence of postures. This practice will vigorously strengthen and tone the body and is a great practice to become familiar with common yoga poses encountered in any yoga class. 

Meet our Instructors


Sarrah Davis

For the past 10 years, I have been practicing yoga and meditation as a way to manage a heathy body, being a full-time student and employee, and past trauma.

Like many people who begin a yoga practice, I fell in love with the physical benefits of yoga. However, as I continued my yogic journey, it became more than just a workout, transforming into an outlet to access universal wisdom for my body, mind, and spirit. In order to take yoga with me everywhere I go, I obtained my 200-hour yoga teacher certification in 2015 from Vinyasa Arts in Encinitas, California.

For the past five years, I've had the privilege of teaching various styles of yoga and meditation here at NVMC. I am versatile in my teaching styles, specializing in vinyasa, ashtanga, yin, prenatal, and meditation. Due to its tremendous healing scope, it has become a passion of mine to share this ancient knowledge and technology with my Arizona community as a true source of medicine.  


Dr. Jason McNeil


Dr. Alexis Mcneil

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