Dr. Alexis and Dr. Jason work hard to bring their knowledge and resources to help their patients. Here, Dr. Alexis posts tips and tricks on frequently encountered problems.

Ask the Natural Doc: Insomnia

Ask the Natural Doc: Gastritis

Ask the Natural Doc: A Natural Approach to Cold and Flu Se

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 “I can’t thank you, Dr. Alexis, enough for allowing me to email you with questions and for your in depth responses and for being so supportive. I just got done telling my family how amazing you are and I am so thankful I found you. I have met my fair share of doctors and surgeons and you have been by far my absolute favorite. I recommend you to everyone.” M.S. 

 “[Dr. Jason]You are passionate about what you do, how you do it, and the individuals you are helping. Your knowledge just pours out of you and to hear you speak in medical terms is like listening to another language. Perfect enunciation, coherent explanations of the process, and a map of the entire inter-workings of the human body. Fascinating, educational, and inspiring in that whomever you are treating feels very comfortable that your suggestions of treatment are well thought out, based on experience, and fully endorsed by you. You build confidence and trust in the relationship, making the therapy regimen much more acceptable.” T.R. 

 “Dr. Alexis is a wonderful caring doctor and you can feel that from the very first interaction with her. She has a smile on her face and great positive energy you can feel. She takes the time to listen to all your concerns and really cares in helping you feel better and to look at various methods of preventive care. I never feel rushed like I would before where I would be lucky to get five minutes with the doctor. Dr Alexis gets to understand the complete history of one’s health and looks at things one may not have even thought of. It’s not easy to find a doctor that provides a whole body holistic approach to treating the body. She answers all questions , calls and emails so you understand the care she provides and all test results and products you take. Dr Alexis is an amazing doctor and highly recommend her to anyone.” R.T. 

 “[Dr. Jason]Just wanted to thank you AGAIN for all your help when M was having a problem (that really scared him!). You have no idea how much he and I appreciated your help and service. You’re the best. So far all is well- a miracle; all it takes is a visit to your office. (:” D & M